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The City provides equal opportunity to all applicants for employment and administers hiring, conditions and privileges of employment, compensation, training, promotions, transfer and discipline without discrimination because of race, color, religion, gender, disability, age, national origin, or any other status protected by law.  The City also prohibits retaliation against employees who have made good faith reports of discrimination.  Any employee who believes that they have been discriminated against in violation of this policy should report the matter to the City Administrator.


Dear Valued Customer,

This notice provides an explanation for the multiple service fee charges you may have received in December 2023 related to credit card payments made to the City of Manning.

On 6/29/2023, our software provider performed a routine check of transaction batch times related to service fees for online utility payments made to the City of Manning; during this check the software provider inadvertently changed a setting that paused the automatic processing of the service fee portion of your online payment.  This resulted in all fees associated with utility payments made via the website to halt and those service fee transactions to accumulate.  Because the error wasn’t discovered until December, this affected service fees for payments made during the timeframe of July 1 through December 15. When the correction was made on 12/13/2023, any service fees owed since July were debited from your account.

These 3rd party fees associated with paying via credit card were not issued by the City of Manning; Nor was the city aware that the service fee charges had been delayed and would be applied all in the month of December.  Upon finding out about the situation, the City worked with the software vendor to mitigate the impact to customers as outlined below.

Although these service fees are valid and were authorized by you the payee, the software company is providing a refund of service fees due to any inconvenience you may have experienced because of the delay in fees hitting your bank account. The expectation is that you will see these fees refunded by 3/15/2024. Due to restrictions on refunding service fees, the refund will be one ($.01) penny less than the original transaction.  This refund will be for the service fee portion only of the payments made during the referenced time frame.  No actual utility payments were affected or will be refunded.